The Basics of Behavior Change Learning Program

A Flexible Program for You

The Basics of Behavior Change Program is a flexible program of learning designed to meet the needs of your group. You may request one or more live webinar trainings for your group of 10 or more.

Training topic options include:

(1) Primary Care Basics,

(2) Team Work,

(3) A basic language for Behavior Change,

(4) FACT Assessment, and

(5) FACT Interventions.

Dr. Robinson will provide pre-reading materials for your at-home study prior to participation in the live webinars. Additionally, you may request continuing education credits for home study and attendance of live webinars. Contact Dr. Robinson at to discuss your learning interests.

Workshops and Other Services

Dr. Robinson provides a range of workshops tailored to meet the needs of the requesting organization. The following three workshops are commonly requested.

This workshop, often delivered virtually, reviews material from the second Chapter of Basics of Behavior Change in Primary Care. Dr. Robinson will help you identify the strengths of your team and develop a plan that targets your areas of challenge. Additionally, this interactive workshop provides participants an opportunity to assess individual and team stress levels and design individual and team resilience plans.

This workshop is for healthcare providers with differing levels of experience and training in behavioral science. FACT provides a playbook for healthcare clinicians to use in addressing the behavioral healthcare needs of patients. In one four-hour period, clinicians learn a trans-diagnostic approach to patient care that focuses on improving patient functioning in key areas of living. Graduates will be ready to use the Bull’s Eye Plan, a FACT intervention, to provide team-based care for patients, particularly for those coping with both medical and psychological problems.

Dr. Robinson is co-founder of the Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH) approach to fully integrating behavioral health services with primary care. PCBH strategies help primary care teams succeed attain the Quadruple Aim of primary care! During these difficult times in our world, the development, refinement, and expansion of PCBH strategies are more important than ever.


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